Making Jewelry with Local Artist Linda Danforth

DIY Jewelry (with help from a pro)


I love learning new things. And I love jewelry. I especially enjoy learning new things that result in something useful – so when I stumbled on a Living Social earring-making class being offered by well-known Tacoma artist and, Linda Danforth, I signed up. And I signed my daughter up, too – this was going to double as a fun mommy and daughter night. (Soon after signing up she complains and wants to learn how to make a necklace.)

We took a simple beaded earring course at a shop in downtown Tacoma. It was one hour long, but by the end of the class, we each had a pair of earrings we had made ourselves, which we were actually excited to wear! (Even she is excited to wear her earrings and now really wants to take the necklace class).

Danforth made the process simple. For a small fee, she provided everything from the pliers, to the sparkly beads and the wires. She is a good and patient instructor. It was easy to learn. The toughest part for both of us (especially my daughter) was choosing the beads.

It was a fun and relaxing evening. The concentration it took to twist and cut little wires and thread beads was mind-numbing in a good way. My mind is often racing. But when you are making jewelry, it really forces you to be in the moment. The hour whizzed by. I want to do it again.

It was a joy to meet Danforth in person. She’s a talented artist who not only makes jewelry but supports other artists to develop all facets of their own business through her business, Linda Danforth Designs. She’s the director of sales of 253heart, you know, those cool stickers people are sporting on their bumpers around town and she’s the founder of many art collectives, including 253 Collective.  She’s even taught women in Mali, West Africa how to make jewelry and create their own businesses. Inspiring woman (my daughter agrees!).

Learn more and see her upcoming jewelry making class schedule at

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