Local Photographer Captures Everyday Life

The mundane day-to-day routines of regular life are easy to overlook. Right now, with the chaos of the COVID-19 crisis, life at home is confused and irregular and probably pretty hectic.


If you’re finding yourself missing the day-to-day that many of us took for granted even two weeks ago, one way to reminisce is to check out the gorgeous documentary photographs captured of families by South Sounder Dawn Blomquist. Since 2015, Blomquist has documented daily lives of mothers and their children, and since 2016, she’s done so exclusively on 35mm film.


“My favorite part of owning my business is giving clients the photos I took the day of their shoot,” said Blomquist, who, when not shooting, homeschools her teenager. Her small business is one of many deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis, given that social distancing practices prohibit her from taking documentary-style photos and peoples’ homes.


“There are ways to support us still,” Blomquist said. “Buy online, book a shoot for a future date — any small gesture means a lot.”

Check out the precious scenes captured by Blomquist at on her website, where you can contact her about potential future shoot dates. Let’s call it wishful thinking for the time when things can return back to relative normalcy.

Photos by Dawn Blomquist Photography.

is an assistant editor at South Sound magazine. Email her.
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