Leadership Program for Freshman Girls Seeks Applicants

The KD Hall Foundation is accepting applications for its 2021 statewide Girls on the Rise Program.

The initiative gives between 20 and 30 9th-grade girls an opportunity to gain skills that will not only help them through life but as they continue to move forward through their educational experiences.

The applicant recruitment period for Girls on the Rise runs through March 26. Potential candidates will be interviewed shortly after the registration process ends and subsequently notified.

Interested applicants can register here for consideration.

The 10-week course of study, which moves to a completely virtual platform this year, commences April 5 and runs through June 1. The curriculum is designed to give participants proficiency in a variety of business and leadership fundamentals.

Selectees are awarded a stipend, instructional aids, and mentorship. A large part of this year’s program will be on the COVID-19 pandemic and putting to use knowledge gained throughout the past year.

“We really began to think about our daughters’ futures, and the disparities among women. We don’t want them to have to fight the same old fight,” said founder Kakela D. Hall. “We want to make sure girls have every opportunity that boys have.”

The program initially started out as a series of conferences, generating workshops within Burien’s Highline School District in early 2018. Focusing on the middle- and high school-aged demographic helped the organization make an impact on young women within BIPOC communities and those exposed to additional social issues.

Funding through the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has enabled the program to widen the scope of this program to the entire state. Evergreen High School serves as the program’s current flagship.

“Our goal is to have a very diverse group of young women,” said Hall. “When they go to college or join the workforce, they need to know that they won’t just be working with people that look like them. Having skills and opportunities to learn how to work together with different people early on will help solve a lot of issues happening in our world.”

In conjunction with its role sponsoring young female leaders, the KD Hall Foundation has another core mission: supporting awareness and research for curing Sickle Cell Anemia.

Learn more, get engaged, and support the nonprofit KD Hall Foundation here.

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