Kitchen Gadgets

These smart kitchen upgrades will make cooking simpler. Make investments to upgrade now, and enjoy how they boost your kitchen game for years to come.

KitchenAid Smart Oven+

OK; there’s seriously nothing this oven can’t do. Through a series of seamlessly integrated attachments, it can shift from oven to indoor grill to baking stone and steamer, all of which can be controlled from a touch screen or on your smartphone or tablet. It’s compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, too — and is connected to the internet so you can start preheating from anywhere.

Perfect Drink Smart Scale

Let’s go ahead and take the guess work out of mixology, too, which can be tricky to nail at home unless you’re a professional bartender. This scale comes with a drink recipe app that gives you instructions on which ingredient to add next, which you pour until you hear a ding. That’s a sure recipe for foolproof cocktails at all your holiday parties.

Drop Scale


Say goodbye to cooking and baking that’s messy and laborious. The Drop Scale seems simple enough — you can put ingredients on a heat-resistant surface and see the weight on your phone — but its compatibility with hundreds of recipes on the Drop Recipes app is what makes
it unique. Drop guides you through interactive recipes step-by-step, all of which are designed for one bowl for quick and easy cleanup.


Whether you’re spending all your time in the kitchen reaching into the cookie jar for just one more cookie or making the process longer because you keep getting distracted by social media, kSafe has a solution for you. An oversized cookie jar, kSafe allows you to set a timer that prohibits you from accessing whatever is inside — whether a cookie or a phone — for as many as 10 days. Temptation: gone.

Crock-Pot Smart-Pot Slow Cooker

This upgrade takes the convenience of the Crock-Pot to the next level, letting you check the temperature on your phone throughout the day and make adjustments or turn it off while not physically in the kitchen.

Electric Corkscrew

Let’s face it: This year has been tough. If one of your coping mechanisms is drinking wine, make it easier on yourself with an electric corkscrew, which will save you the hassle of pulling and wiggling and potentially getting some cork floating around in your wine.

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