KING 5 Launches Series Tackling Racism and Social Justice

If you happened to tune in to our media partner KING 5 on Sunday following the Sunday Night Football game, you may have caught the first episode of the station’s new racism and social justice series.

The weekly series, called Facing Race, is hosted by anchor Joyce Taylor who said the series provides an “opportunity to have hard discussions” about racism in policing, education, the workplace, and more.

“As a journalist, I know this is a rare and long overdue opportunity to look deeply into ourselves — where real change begins —and expose how systemic racism impacts our lives and community in nearly every respect, so we can all take a stake in creating an equitable future,” Taylor said in a statement.

Christin Ayers, Tacoma bureau chief and the show’s executive producer, echoed Taylor.

“At a time when people are actively seeking answers about prejudice and privilege, Facing Race gives us an opportunity for meaningful, honest discourse about how our nation’s history of racism manifests itself today and how we, as Washingtonians, can confront it and move forward,” Ayers said in a statement.

Facilitated by investigative reporter Taylor Mirfendereski, photojournalist Michael Botsford, and others from the station’s staff, Facing Race endeavors to “bring to light the small and large steps each of us must take to make our national reckoning on race a turning point.”

If this concept seems familiar to longtime KING 5 viewers, it may be because Facing Race was inspired in part by another KING 5 series from 1965 to ’70 called Face to Face hosted by Roberta Byrd.

Byrd was the region’s first Black television host and, according to a release from KING 5, the show has been lauded as the first Pacific Northwest television program “to consistently explore issues of concern to minorities.”

If you missed the first episode of Facing Race, catch it online now. Stay tuned to KING 5 every Sunday night following National Football League games to catch new episodes of Facing Race.

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