Seattle Jogger Hosts Free Self-Defense Class

In early 2017, Seattleite Kelly Herron went out for a jog. Along the way, she stopped to use the public bathroom at Golden Gardens in Ballard. As she was washing her hands, a man came up behind her and assaulted her. Using methods she learned weeks before in a Fighting Chance Seattle self-defense course hosted by RealSelf, her employer, Herron managed to fight the man off and save herself.

The story made national news, and Herron became a hero to women all over the country.

As a result of her powerful story and her decision to go public with it, RealSelf has decided to partner with Herron for the second year in a row to host a free self-defense course. The session will be held from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Feb. 28, at the company’s office located at 83 South King St. Fighting Chance Seattle instructor Jordan Giarratano will lead the session, and Herron will share her story.

Herron told South Sound magazine via email about the importance of women learning self-defense.

“I used to feel vulnerable in everyday situations, whether it was walking to my car after work or running alone. After I took the self defense class at RealSelf, I was both mentally and physically prepared to protect myself,” Herron wrote.  “The body cannot go where the mind has not been ― by taking a self defense class, you have the preparation to physically defend yourself in a worst-case scenario. And while you hope you never have to use it, I know that having that strong mindset has allowed me to walk through the world with confidence.”

In addition to physical self-defense strategies, participants will learn how to identify and avoid dangerous situations and to “unlock their most powerful selves.”  A new addition to this year’s class is a lesson about boundary setting and consent, an important topic in the current “me too” environment.

For more information on the free self-defense course, head over to the event page.

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