Imperfect Produce Now Delivering to Tacoma

Unlike shopping for shelf-stable food items, shopping for produce has to be done frequently. And to get the good, fresh stuff, the costs can add up. Imperfect Produce, a fruits and vegetables subscription delivery service, is working to alleviate the hassle of buying produce.

The company works with farmers to source “ugly” fruits and vegetables that don’t meet grocery store standards at a reduced cost, and then delivers that produce to customers at a discounted rate. And now, Imperfect Produce is serving residents of Tacoma.

Imperfect produce

Photo courtesy of Imperfect Produce

The subscription boxes are customizable in a few different ways. First, subscribers can choose the right size box for their household: small, medium, large, or extra-large. Then, subscribers can specify a type of produce: organic, conventional, fruit, vegetables, or a mix. Finally, those ordering can choose either a weekly or biweekly delivery option. If needed, subscribers can skip a week.

There are perks for locavores too. The company tries to offer local produce whenever possible.

“Imperfect works with regional farmers when they have seasonal crops that don’t meet the grocery store standards or in some cases, surplus crops,” said Anneliese Atwell, the company’s director of brand experience. “We are always adding local farmers who want to work with us to save food from going to waste.”

Customers who want to reduce waste and save money, and who don’t mind eating aesthetically unpleasing fruits and vegetables, can give the service a try here.

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