Holiday Wreath-Making 101

Fresh and fragrant cedar, wispy eucalyptus, pods, and real succulents make these holiday wreaths a cut above the rest, and they are fun to make.

If I’m making a beautiful holiday wreath, I want it to last. That’s why I’m a fan of wet foam wreaths. You can add water throughout the season to keep it fresher longer.


A wet foam wreath (I used a 15-inch one)

Plenty of sprigs of fresh cedar cut into 6- to 8-inch pieces and plunged into a water-filled bucket

6 to 8 Nigella pods

Eucalyptus cut into 6- to 8-inch pieces

4-inch potted succulent


Soak the wet foam wreath in water for 20 minutes, then tip it up in a sink to drain enough so that it’s not dripping on your work surface.

Working in a clockwise direction, add sprigs of fresh cedar, one at a time, starting at the outer base of the wet foam. Create an entire circular rotation of greenery.

Start adding the next layer of cedar in the same manner. As you work your way to the top of the wreath, occasionally layer in sprigs of eucalyptus and pods.

You can make your wreath as airy or dense as you like, but when you are done, the wet foam should be fully covered.

Add ribbon and hang. A few times a week, pull down the wreath and add a bit of fresh water to the foam. Allow the wreath to drain before rehanging.

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