Hole-y Moly, It’s National Doughnut Day

Call us Old Fashioned, but we love a good doughnut. That’s why we’re so excited it’s June 2 — National Doughnut Day.

To celebrate, we’ve gathered some doughnut stats from our friends at Postmates, the food delivery service. Along with NationalToday.com, Postmate’s made the Postmate Donut Index out of a survey of 1,000 Americans. It produced some interesting facts you should feel free to sprinkle throughout your conversations.

Most Americans like doughnuts — 56 percent reported loving them, 40 percent said they liked doughnuts, and a mere 3 percent disliked them. Only 1 percent reported hating doughnuts. So, it’s a pretty sure bet that bringing doughnuts to the office will please most people.

Thinking of bringing doughnuts to the office? Fifty-six percent of Americans said they have brought doughnuts to the office. That’s good for office culture — 51 percent of Americans said they think more highly of people who bring doughnuts to the office. That might be why at our office all love Premier Media Group staff writer Todd Matthews. Nicknamed “Todd Pot,” he brings a box of Top Pot doughnuts into this office every Tuesday. Shout out to Todd!

And there’s good news for the South Sound on the Top Pot front — there will (hopefully) be two locations open soon in the South Sound, one in Proctor and one in University Place.

Wondering what to put in that office box of doughnuts? Here’s the country’s favorites:

  1. Glazed (28 percent)
  2. Boston cream (17 percent)
  3. Chocolate frosted (16 percent)
  4. Jelly filled (11 percent)
  5. Chocolate cake (7 percent)
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