Highlights from Seattle’s Largest Gaming Convention

PAX — Seattle’s biggest gaming convention — is now streaming through Sunday, Sept. 20. Check out interviews with top game makers and play demos of the hottest new games coming this holiday season. Best of all, you won’t need to wait in long lines or spend a dime.

And be sure to check out the following games.

Swapette Showdown

Swapette Showdown lets you challenge your friends to a real-time puzzle smackdown. Choose from an assortment of charming anime “swapettes,” then match as many gems as you can before time runs out. Since this is a head-to-head game, your friends can freeze your screen or block your way.

Alien Hominid Invasion

In Alien Hominid Invasion, you play a cute alien who just wants to avoid evil government agents. Dodge enemy soldiers, robots, and obstacles as you try to get back to your ship. The game’s funky music and quirky sense of humor will make it a hit among action game fans.


Tag your buddies before they tag you in this online game of hide and seek. In Unspottable, the screen is filled with dozens of identical-looking clones. Your job is to figure out which clone is a player all while trying to blend in with the crowd. Use decoys and hide behind obstacles to gain the upper hand.


While you’re waiting for the real-life slopes to open, here’s your chance to create your own dream resort. Snowtopia challenges you to build the ultimate lodge while also designing awesome ski runs. Can you satisfy black diamond racers while also keeping the kids safe on the bunny slopes?

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