Here’s How to Win Halloween

A survey, answered by people in residential neighborhoods across the country, uncovers the answers to all of your most pressing questions about Halloween candy.

Halloween is heading our way. Soon the doorbell will be ringing non-stop and kids will eagerly hold out their bags for you to fill with candy — hoping you’ll give them their favorite candy bar and not be the disappointing house that opts for toothbrushes over treats. But what candy is the best one? And how can you claim the coveted status of the house with the best treats on the block? A recent survey, answered by 2,004 people in residential neighborhoods across the country, released by answers these questions and more.

According to the study, the trick-or-treat candy brand of choice here in Washington are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They also happen to be the most popular Halloween candy in the nation. The researchers also looked at the most popular candies in major metro cities and found that, in our neck of the woods, Seattle’s go-to treat is the Milky Way candy bar; straying away from the more mainstream M&M’s that topped the charts in most other big cities. So, if you want word to spread that you’re the house that can’t be missed — consider stocking up on Reese’s and Milky Way’s. And maybe throw some M&Ms into the mix for any out-of-towners who swing by.

You might also be wondering how much you should be spending in preparation for the big night. They’ve got that covered, too. Apparently, the average amount spent on candy is $25.64, but those with kids generally end up spending a little over $35. We’re willing to guess it’s due to replenishing the stockpile of candy, thanks to sneaky kids (and maybe the occasional stress-eating parent) dipping into the stash before the big day.

And what do you think of this: should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday in October? The country was pretty split on the proposal, but ultimately, 52 percent of people would welcome the change. As for the best hours to knock on the neighbor’s door, the study found 6 to 9 p.m. is the ideal time to trick-or-treat. Lastly, the study found that people deem the age of 15 as too old to continue reaping the benefits of the holiday.

Now you know how to enjoy a successful Halloween: stock up on the hottest treats, stick around the $30 price range, then cozy up on the couch with your own bowl of candy, and tell your teenager to answer the door for you.

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