Head Outdoors on June 28

campingDid you know that the average child spends at least twice as much time indoors than their parents did when they were children? With all the technology and electronics children have nowadays, this fact is not hard to believe. For 10 years, the National Wildlife Federation has hosted the Great American Backyard Campout. This is an event that gets children, and their families, excited about the outdoors and camping. It encourages people to reconnect with nature by camping in their backyards, neighborhoods, parks and campgrounds. Since June is the Great Outdoors month, the National Wildlife Federation is promoting the Campout on June 28.

“Being in nature helps to burn off energy, stay fit and be mentally focused for school, homework and all activities in their busy day,” says Maureen Smith, chief marketing officer for the National Wildlife Federation, as she talked about the need for children to be outside and enjoy the outdoors. It is further explained that having children outside is not only better for their physical health, but it is great for their education as well.

For the first time, the Great American Backyard Campout has taken part in the National Wildlife Federation’s 10 Million Kids Outdoors Campaign. This is a three-year initiative that strives for a future where all children will spend time outside every day. This will lead to happier and healthier children who are much more aware and connected to nature.

The National Wildlife Federation is the largest organization in America that protects wildlife for our future, our children’s future. It provides programs to educate people on the subject of wildlife, and why it is important to protect it.

Alexandria Kling is an editorial intern and student at the School of the Arts in Tacoma.

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