Head Lice Beware!

Local Couple Opens Lice Clinic of America Location in Lakewood

Head lice in the South Sound better run for their lives, there’s a new sheriff in town. The next time your kids come home from school brandishing a note emblazoned with that four letter word that every parent dreads, fear not.

Retired military couple, Nathan and Lisa Hagman recently opened a Lakewood-based franchise of Lice Clinics of America — the largest chain of urgent care lice treatment clinics in the U.S.

While stationed abroad in Italy, Nathan and Lisa had the unfortunate experience of encountering head lice that were resistant to chemical treatments. The entire family, including the children’s nanny, were affected and it took five months before the family was able to completely eradicate the pest.

Once stateside, the family contracted lice once again. This time Lisa was determined not to let the vermin disturb her family’s lives again. A quick internet search turned up a nearby Lice Clinics of America branch and the family gave them a shot.

The clinic’s one-hour treatment process using an AirAllé machine to dehydrate the lice and eggs worked right away and the lice were no more. The treatment uses no harsh chemicals or pesticides and kills more than 99 percent of lice.

Lisa contacted the Lice Clinics of America about starting her own franchise, and the rest is history.

The best defense against lice, of course, is to prevent the spread of the little buggers. Here are a few of Lisa’s tips for preventing lice and eradicating them from your home if the need arises. Teach your kids to avoid head to head contact always- no sharing hats, helmets, or hairbands.

  • For short hair, wear caps, for long hair, keep it pulled back tightly.
  • Since kids aren’t always thinking about preventing lice, make sure you make lice checks part of your weekly routine. Get a good lice comb and take time to really search your child’s hair.
  • Never allow your children to share hats, bows, or brushes with another child.
  • When shopping for new hats, don’t allow your child to wear the item in the store or try on multiple hats, they likely aren’t the first ones to try on that particular hat.
  • If you or your child (or both) do contract lice, avoid pesticide treatments. Modern lice have grown resistant to pesticides, so in addition to exposing your family to harsh chemicals, chances are these modern day “super lice” will likely be resistant to these kinds of treatments.
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