Have You Been to That New Consignment Shop in Tacoma?

Mathew Shaw and Lindsey Craig didn’t have any experience in furniture consigning before they opened Tacoma Consignment in downtown Tacoma in May. But that hasn’t stopped the store from being a successful — and necessary — addition to the city’s retail scene. 

“There are a lot of antique stores, and then there’s TREE, which sells gorgeous furniture, but there’s nothing quite like this,” Craig said, gesturing to the enormous space full of eclectic yet tasteful pieces. “We focus on getting midcentury modern pieces, and you can find little $2 pieces or $1,000 paintings. There’s a wide range, and it’s always interesting to see what our customers pick out.”  

The couple, who will be married Oct. 12, opened the consignment store after visiting Ballard Consignment and striking up a friendship with Joey Ghioni, the store’s owner. After trying to convince Ghioni to open a Tacoma branch of the shop — which he declined — the two decided to try something new and do it themselves. 

A commercial property manager at Roberson Building Co., Shaw said his favorite property of the company’s has always been the old JCPenney building, which sat vacant for a decade. The 12,000-square-foot space now serves as home to the store’s vast collection of interesting furniture pieces and décor — and what the couple hopes will be a part of an increasingly vibrant retail scene downtown. 

“We’re doing Wine Wednesdays from 5 to 7 p.m., and also Champagne Sundays from noon to 2 p.m.,” Craig said. “We’re hoping to invigorate downtown, especially on Sundays, when a lot of stores typically close.” 

The venture has been mostly unfamiliar territory for Shaw, property manager, and Craig, author of seven children’s books. And though Tacoma Consignment is still in its infancy, the two are excited to continue learning and embedding themselves into the fabric of Tacoma’s downtown.

is an assistant editor at South Sound magazine. Email her.
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