Give Back While You’re Gifting

The season of giving can be, quite frankly, rather overwhelming. You have to get a gift for your mom, brother, best friend, boss, and something for the white elephant party that sounded like fun before, but now just feels like one more thing on that never-ending list you definitely won’t have time to check twice. How are you supposed to keep up? Magic reindeer? Unfortunately, we can’t offer you that. What we can do, is let you in on a little secret: There’s a way to make the whole ordeal feel a lot more worthwhile.

Giving back to your community is a much more enriching way to spread cheer, and there are easy ways to incorporate that into your holiday shopping. This season, take advantage of these charitable cafés and shops where your dollars not only do you good by giving you a much-needed caffeine boost or checking an item off your list, but also contribute to the greater good.

The Coffee Oasis

The Coffee Oasis definitely lives up to its name. This business based in the Puget Sound region is an oasis for homeless youth in the area. A purchase here directly supports their efforts to empower and offer help to homeless youth. As if that weren’t enough, they also use only Direct Trade Beans, which means they are able to offer fair wages to their farmers. If you find yourself near one of their locations while you’re out searching for the perfect gift — you’ll definitely want to stop here.

Habitat for Humanity Tacoma

It’s no secret that Habitat for Humanity does a lot of good in the communities it serves by supporting affordable homeownership. It’s a great place to consider checking out if you’re still on the hunt for a fun, unique gift to give your friend. You never know exactly what you’ll find at one of its storefronts, and you’ll have fun searching through all of the second-hand treasures. Plus, buying second-hand is much more environmentally friendly than purchasing brand new consumer goods.

A Drop in the Ocean

This shop doesn’t have a storefront, but they have a great online store (which, let’s be honest, makes shopping so much easier) and do fun pop-up events you’ll definitely want to catch. A Drop in the Ocean is a company working to help people and the local community by making it easier for people to move toward a zero-waste lifestyle. They have tons of fun, adorable gifts your friends will love. Plus, each purchase plants 10 trees and 1 percent of annual sales is donated to environmental nonprofits. You can’t go wrong with getting a gift here.

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