Gig Harbor Named Fifth Best Small Town in America

Gig Harbor was recently recognized by Smithsonian Magazine as the fifth best small town in America. The annual list is determined by several factors and takes into account many things you’d expect to see in larger cities, such as art galleries, museums and more. The top four small towns, ahead of Gig Harbor are: Great Barrington, Mass., Taos, N.M., Red Bank, N.J. and Mill Valley, Calif.

As to why the publication compiles the list, the editors wrote: “There is, we think, something encouraging about finding culture in small-town America. Fabled overseas locales, world-class metropolises—you expect to be inspired when you go there,” the editors wrote. “But to have your horizon shifted in a town of 6,000 by an unheralded gem of a painting or a song belted out from a band shell on a starry summer night, that’s special. It reinforces the truth that big cities and grand institutions per se don’t produce creative works; individuals do. And being reminded of that is fun.”

Here is one of the many reasons Gig Harbor is so special, according to Smithsonian Magazine: “Day-trippers come for gourmet restaurants with Washington State wines, for nautical tchotchkes and for gallery walks held on the first Saturday of the month, during which one might meet, say, renowned local jeweler Kit Kuhn.”

Read the piece about Gig Harbor here.

What makes Gig Harbor so special to you?



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