Get Your Podcast Fix with ‘The Crime Coven’

Who else goes crazy for true crime podcasts? These days, you can open any podcast app, look at its top charts or trending episodes, and you’re bound to find at least one under this highly popular genre. As listeners, it’s easy to sit and binge episode after episode and not pay much attention to where the podcast is being produced. But we’ve just discovered one being made right here in our own back yard: The Crime Coven.

Based in Steilacoom, The Crime Coven was created by South Sounders Jennifer Gomez and Stephanie Arlyn. The pair started as dedicated true crime fans, and eventually decided they’d rather tell the stories than listen to them.

“I listened to a bunch of (true crime podcasts) and I was like, ‘I want to do this,’” said Arlyn.

The friends, who began working on the show at the end of 2019, have created a podcast that breaks down true crime cases, looks at the facts, and is enjoyable to listen to. The two create shows that are about an hour long, right outside of the comfort of their own living rooms. Usually, it can take anywhere from two to four hours to record a show. Arlyn will then put another few hours into editing to condense and trim the original audio into an easy-to-listen time frame.

“It’s like having a part-time job,” said Gomez. “It’s the first job I’ve ever really loved.”

Stephanie Arlyn (left) and Jennifer Gomez (right). Photo by The Arlyn Collective Photography.

When it comes to choosing topics for the show, they mostly choose cases that they are interested in. In the early episodes, they explored cases such a JonBenét Ramsey, Casey Anthony, and others that first got them into true crime. But they encourage others to share their favorites as well; one of the unique aspects of the show is that Arlyn and Gomez accept story suggestions submitted by viewers.

“What’s shocking to us is how many missing people there are that you don’t know about,” Gomez said. The main goal of their podcast is to bring awareness to cases that the public may not be aware of — giving these small cases the spotlight they deserve, rather than getting lost in the sea of high-profile cases.

They also are determined to highlight the region in which they’re based. “We want to incorporate more local cases because you don’t realize (the) things that happen around here,” Arlyn commented. When listening to the podcast, you will hear a mix of true crime cases that happened across the country. If any case has a connection to Washington, the two will note this through their thorough research.

Usually, Arlyn and Gomez will watch documentaries over and over again, taking in every detail, and then do a few hours of research on their own to create their own point of views. “It’s cool to research (the cases) and get your own opinion and get the real facts, instead of listening to the media which blows things out of proportion,” Arlyn said. Between the two, they each sit down for a show with their own view of the case, playing devil’s advocate against one another to have a well-thought-out discussion.

Currently, The Crime Coven is on the rise. The podcast not only has listeners in the U.S., but also in Canada, Russia, Ireland, and Mexico. But we can’t help but think we have a special perspective as fellow South Sounders. So, if you’re an avid listener of true crime or interested in the topic, listening to The Crime Coven podcast is a must.

For more information, visit the podcast’s Patreon page.

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