Get Fit

Get motivated, no matter your mood

Sure, there’s a million reasons you can’t work out today. You’re busy. You’re stressed. Too tired. Hungry. The Bachelor is on. But there’s one really good reason you should — 30 minutes of exercise a day can critically improve your health. You can extend your life and lower your risk of getting a laundry list of diseases just by hitting the gym.

Try doing these when you don’t want to break a sweat but are going to anyway!


Illustrations: Alex Schloer

When you need direction
Hire a personal trainer
Having a personal trainer is one of the most effective ways to meet your fitness goals. Innovative Fitness in Fircrest offers private training with customized workouts and nutritional guidance. They also have semi-private training where clients do a workout with two to five other people. Work out with your best friend, and they’ll keep you on track.

When you’re stressed
Do yoga
Focusing your breath and stretching out muscles in yoga class increases blood flow, builds muscle strength, boosts your immune system, and can lower blood pressure. For a special aesthetic try Yoga Loft in the historic American Legion Building on Capitol Lake in Olympia.

When you feel lumpy and clumsy 
Do barre
At Barre 253 in Tacoma, you’ll feel graceful like a ballerina and get the body of a dancer if you keep it up. It combines dance with interval training to help build lean muscle and keep you focused.

Pedal2When you’re unmotivated
Sometimes we need a little help to push ourselves. During indoor cycling, a fitness instructor will coach you through the workout. It’s just as much a mental sport as a physical one. Head to The Handlebar Cycling Studio in Tacoma for a ride.

When you’d rather dance 
Get your groove on
Head to a MixxedFit class (various locations) and you will break into a sweat and a smile. Just pretend you are at the club partying to your favorite hit songs — the instructors will show you how to do it.

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