Finding Inspiration at the Pinology Market

Abundant amounts of handmade candles, macrame, jewelry, and other curated items filled the Pinology Market held last weekend at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup. An annual event centered around our most desired Pinterest board crafts and ideas come to life, this market is comprised of various vendors selling merchandise inspired by all of our favorite trends.

Hundreds of shoppers filled the venue Friday afternoon at the official opening of the market, browsing through the beautifully decorated booths while live music filled the air. With an eclectic selection of exhibits, the event had something for everyone to look at and enjoy.

Each vendor was carefully selected in order to maintain the Pinterest-inspired vision of the Pinology Market. A juried event, an application was required from each vendor prior to getting a booth, each application evaluated based on who best fit the show.

One vendor, Tina Asagai, the owner of Emma’s Song, featured her beautiful oil diffuser jewelry, doubling as a piece of wearable art and an essential oil diffuser. Mia Nicole, another talented vendor and hand-lettering artist, was at the market selling exquisite prints, hand-lettered maps, and other home decor. These talented merchants and numerous others all made this market an immense success, bringing in people from all over the state for this extremely aesthetically pleasing event.

To learn more about the Pinology Market and to stay up-to-date on future shows, visit this website. Another similar market, The Great Junk Hunt, will also be featuring numerous of the same artists and will be at the fairgrounds this spring.

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