Fife Police Dog Retires


Photos by Lauren Foster.

Jan. 29th the Fife Police Department is celebrating the retirement of one of its finest.

For the past five years, the streets of the South Sound felt a little safer thanks to one 130-pound, long eared officer; Bandit the bloodhound. Accompanied by his trusty human partner, Officer Ryan Micenko, Bandit put his paws to the pavement 94 times to locate criminal suspects and more importantly missing persons. Officer Micenko is especially proud of Bandit’s passionate approach to his work and considers reuniting a child who had gone missing from his Fife home and finding a missing handicapped adult in Lakewood his favorite memories of working together.

Officer Mecinko & BanditAccording to the Police Department, Bandit “says” he will miss the tasty treats he got after locating a missing person, cruising in their squad car and his budding film career, courtesy Rainier County News.

The duo got by with a little help from their friends and retired drug dogs Maggie and Slyder. Help celebrate these four legged heroes and their pals at the other end of the leash, Jan. 29 from 4:30pm-6:30pm at Pawsabilties in Fife (7338 26th St East, Fife) or get your own pooch to partake in a ceremonial twilight bark, rumored to be led by The Colonel and Sergeant Tibbs.

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