Elevator Music

HIM: Leather Jacket, $95, Levi Corduroy Pants, $45, and Silk Scarf, $25, H. Bailey, hbailey.boutique; PYA Peruvian Pima Cotton Polo Shirt, $105, Seattle Thread Company, seattlethread.com.
HER: Emerald Satin Top and Cigarette Pant, $1,200, Deyonté Weather Collection, dwcboutique.com; The Eyes Have It Choker, $70, Lunaversoul, lunaversoul.com.

Let’s make a bad film out in the in-
between, where the
soundtrack stretches days
into years in a cheap roadside motel.
We’ll play hearts and wager pocket
change ’til the quarters are all but
gone, ’til the shadows dancing
across the bed sheets and walls
have been swallowed by night
and we eat by the light of the TV.
Here, we’re lost and also found, drifting
through sepia scenes and west
across the next state line,
our cameras heavy on our backs,
the shape of home hanging hollow 
in our mouths. 

Rosemaling, $1,245 (custom fit), Leiren Designs, leirendesigns.com
Graphic Lady Dress, $650, Devonation, devonyan.com; White Inna Anklet, $20, LOHO, loho.us; Chi Mihara Loreale Heel, $385, Crush Footwhere, crushfootwear.com
HIM: Warren and Parker Merino Sweater, $60,Levi Skinny Stretch Jeans, $45, and Saucony Shoes, $45, H. Bailey
HER: Curve Appeal Pants, $1,490, Teal Midnight Crepe Jacket, $3,800, Luly Yang, lulyyang.com; Chie Mihara Loa Block Heel, $378, Crush Footwear
HIM: Armani Jean Jacket, $95, Flying Cross Button Down, $60, Massimo Dutti Jeans, $60, and Gutteridge Floral Pocket Square, $25, H. Bailey
HER: Hybrid Print Color Block Sweater, $185, and Anderson Culottes, $215, a.oei, aoei-studio.com; Nico Tassel Necklace, $135, Lunaversoul; Harper Net Anklet, $20, LOHO; Chie Mihara Lunia, $369, Crush Footwear
HER: Tulle Skirt and Body Suit, $495, and Faux Fur Jacket, $250, Deyonté Weather Collection
HIM: Leather Jacket, $95, Butch Blum Shirt, $45, and Massimo Dutti Jeans, $60, H. Bailey; Torino Burnished Shrunken Bull Leather Belt, $95, Seattle Thread Company; Parton Our Fringe Necktie, $64, andieanderin, andieanderin.com
Graphic Shirt Dress with Tulle, $380, Devonation; Columbia Baby Alpaca Cape in Orangina, $570, Alicia Peru, aliciaperu.com
Taupe Silk Midi Dress with Embellished Organza Details, $760, Valentina & Valentia, valentinavalentia.com; Chie Mihara Vesna Heel, $399, Crush Footwear; Stevie Sock, $20, LOHO Chie Mihara Lumier Heel, $362, Crush Footwear
Carl Gross Theo Donegal Pattern Sport Coat in Brown, $525, Agave Kern Supima Soft Cotton Tee in Burnt Henna, $75, Seattle Thread Company; Rainbow Belt, $35, H. Bailey
HIM: Morgan Suit, $1,650, Gustavo Apiti Couture, gustavoapiti.com; The Brave One Necktie, $40, and Flotus With The Mostus Necktie, $44, andieanderin; Ferragamo Shoes, $125, H. Bailey
HER: Celestia Satin Dress, $950, Nox Fashion House; The Eyes Have It Cuff, $85, Lunaversoul
HIM: Damien Suit, $1,750 Gustavo Apiti Couture; Ferragamo Shoes, $125 H. Bailey
HER: Amandine Suit, $1,200 Gustavo Apiti Couture; Chie Mihara Loreale Heel,$385, Crush Footwear

Behind the Scenes

Conceptualizing Fall Fashion

This year’s fall fashion spread is entitled, Elevator Music. It encapsulates the state of limbo the characters are in, not only in their relationship with one another, but also in their lives as they move nomadically from one place to another. You only hear elevator music when you’re in a state of flux, passing between two floors. Plus, elevator music is antiquated and airing on the side of cheesy — a line we playfully towed.This fall, we worked with a handful of designers and shop owners that were new to us. Here are their stories.

Gustave Apiti

Photo by Patrick Tak

Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gustave Apiti discovered his love for the fashion industry at the young age of 6, when he styled and created clothes for his sister’s dolls. Since then, Apiti graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Apparel & Design from the Tshwane University of Technology. He worked for top fashion houses from South Africa and started his own fashion line. In 2013, Apiti immigrated to the states and, at the end of 2014, made his U.S. debuted as an independent designer under the moniker Gustavo Apiti Couture.

Cara Ingham and Lisa Santos of andieanderin

Photo by GoDaddy

Cara Ingham lives in Seattle with her husband, daughter, and rescue dog, Rory. She is a master of numbers with a background in accounting and sales. During the week, she can be found traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest in support of her healthcare IT work. Cara also is a fitness enthusiast, loves to cook, and is thrilled to have a creative outlet with andieanderin.

Lisa Santos is a Seattle-native now residing in Brooklyn, New York. After 10 years in healthcare IT marketing, she did a 180 and went to fashion school. Santos has an entrepreneurial spirit and love for design. You can usually find her on her laptop juggling her graphic design work with her passion to grow andieanderin. She has a husband and three young boys.

Hilary Burnett of H. Bailey

Courtesy Hilary Burnett

Hilary Bailey Burnett is a Seattle native with a flair for curating resale goods. Her work life has been varied: She has been a fitness instructor, Pilates and yoga teacher, personal wardrobe coach, and worked in high-end retail sales. Her mad styling skills come from a love of physicality, creativity, sustainability, and individual expression.“I like weathered things,” Burnett said. “Good clothes, like good furniture, have been built to wear well. That’s what I sell — quality menswear that’s a little worn.”

Madison Leiren of Leiren Designs

Courtesy Madison Leiren

Madison Leiren grew up with Norwegian food, traditions, and fairy tales, which made a big impression on her as a little girl and carried over into her work as a designer.Leiren’s award-winning designs includes ethereal wedding gowns, stunning quinceañera dresses, bridesmaid dresses, delicate lingerie, and ready-to-wear designs. She prides herself in creating her designs with challenging fabrics; nuanced, detailed hand-work; and accentuated silhouettes that come together to create garments that are anything but conventional.

Avi Hart of Nox Fashion House

Photo by Rhoscoe Coquia

Avi Hart is a Seattle-based, self-taught designer with a background as a model. Hart’s connection to local fashion industry inspired them to create the first Nox Fashion House collection 2017. Nox Fashion House specializes in elegant, yet edgy, designs. Each piece makes a dramatic statement with strong silhouettes and eye-catching textiles. Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind. More of their work can be found on Instagram at @NoxFashionHouse.

Alicia Peru in Bellevue

Courtesy Alicia Peru

Alicia Peru is a Bellevue-based, women-owned business that is the brainchild of Alicia Rodriguez, who, with her partner and daughter, offer a unique selection of sustainable, women’s luxury fashion, accessories, and home gifts. The boutique is partly curated with Alicia’s private label of premium alpaca and pima cotton coats, capes, sweaters, and shawls/scarves. The other half of the boutique is a hand-picked curation of sustainable, women-owned niche brands sourced both globally and locally.

Darrah Christel of LOHO

Photo by Rachel Syrisko

Darrah Christel has been a fashion writer for more than 10 years — writing for brands including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Zulily — and also worked as a stylist during that time. Between the two, she learned a lot about the fashion industry, figured out what women were looking for, and what problems they were experiencing. Hosiery was at the top of the list. So, she took it upon herself to reconstruct a stagnate industry with her own mixture of comfort and body positivity. Christel designed and patented a truly innovative pair of tights with a beautiful lace waistband meant to lay flat against your body.


Courtesy Devon Yan

When it comes to talent, the apple doesn’t fall far from Devon Yan’s family tree. His father is a well-known opera singer from southern China, and Yan learned from an early age how a garment can transform a person — be it as a performer on stage or in life. Yan, a self-taught artist in Seattle, created the DEVONATION brand in 2010. His designs accentuate how even the simplest details can be the most magical.



Courtesy Camisha Jackson

Prior to starting the Lunaversoul jewelry brand in fall of 2007, Kent resident Camisha Jackson was a 3D graphic artist/designer for several years in the video game industry. Jackson first started making jewelry for herself and hadn’t really thought to take it further until a woman approached her at a store and purchased her handmade bracelet on-the-spot. After several others stopped and asked where she got her jewelry, she decided to make it a business.


Courtesy Angeline Oei

Seattle resident Angeline Oei trained at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and worked as a fashion and print designer for luxury womenswear brands in Belgium and Singapore before moving to Washington and starting her own company. Her a.oei brand, which launched nearly two years ago, is a womenswear line and an independent design studio that offers custom clothing and textile design services. “I enjoy playing with contrasting color and texture combinations, while keeping the silhouettes easy and accessible,” she said. “…All prints and designs are developed in the studio by myself.”

Luly Yang

Photo by Lisa Town for GL Studios

As early as 6 years old, Luly Yang started sketching gowns and silhouettes as her artistic vision began to take shape. At the University of Washington, her focus shifted while she was studying to become an architectural graphic designer (even now, her meticulously-curated line embodies her architectural background with a marriage of form and function). In 1999, Yang’s iconic Monarch Dress was incepted during a fashion show that paired designers with paper companies. The infamous dress, mimicking the style of a butterfly, “reawakened her love of fashion and convinced her to make the change from graphic to fashion design.” Yang is now a Pacific Northwest staple in the fashion industry, with her couture line of cocktail and evening looks and ready-to-wear pieces. 

Valentina & Valentia

Photo by Tereza Janakova

Valentina & Valentia is unique in that the brand is a collaboration of four generations of women. One branch of it is Milena Natanov, whom lives in Bellevue and works as Microsoft software engineer. The masterful designs created by the women manifest as flowy, feminine blouses and dresses balanced with crisp suits made with silk, cashmere, and wool — materials that are more environmentally conscious. “Each of our products has a story, and each of our collections has a story,” Natanov said. “We make an effort to be authentic in how we tell each of these stories and how we share each of our visions, which sets us apart.”

Crush Footwear

The Kirkland and Edmonds shoe boutique prides itself on building connections and relationships with international and emerging designers to bring the latest fashions to the Pacific Northwest. Upon walking through its doors, if you feel a whimsical air, it could be because the very conception of the boutique was realized during a dreamy trip “sailing in the beautiful waters of Canada’s rugged and stunning West coast,” according to the website. The designers featured at Crush are the epitome of craftmanship and extraordinary style.

Deyonté Weather Collection

Courtesy of Deyonte Weathers

Lynnwood-based and Chicago-born Deyonté Weather has no shortage of creative energy when it comes to designing head-turning garments and bespoke wedding dresses. Weather, who comes from a long line of designers, moved to Seattle when he was 19 and later returned to Chicago to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology. He’s made a name for himself in the greater Seattle area as well as nationally — he was Season 16 of Project Runwayand designed several pieces for a Game of Thronesmuseum. “My biggest priority at the moment is transforming my brand from custom to mass production. … It would be a dream to be able to partner with Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. I would love to have a little boutique in one of their stores, so I could come in and get to know my clientele.”


Photographed by Rodrigo DeMedeiros
Styled by Shelby Rowe Moyer and Zoe Branch
Poem by Zoe Branch
Assistant: Teaghan Skulszki
Behind-the-scenes photography and video: Isabella Richter de Medeiros. Hair and makeup by Gene Juarez Creative Collab: Maribel Sanchez and Amie Trumble (hair), Monet Watkins-Adams (makeup), and Keiko Schrock (nails), genejuaraez.com
Models: Anna H. and Marcellus W. of TCM Models and Talent, tcmmodels.com
Shot at Marco Polo Motel in Seattle
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