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I recently was a speaker at an Experience Tacoma event where one of the other speakers tasked those in attendance with a simple mission: Share one “wow” factor about your business.

Most of the answers were what you’d expect to hear: “We give great customer service.” “We offer the best products.” And so on.

But one woman said her company’s “wow” factor was that a real person always answers the phone in her office.

At first blush, it sounded like a page from Business 101. But if you think about how many times you’ve left voicemails or how many phone trees you’ve been tangled in, it makes perfect sense that people would be excited to reach a real person. The woman said customers frequently thank her for simply answering the phones at her company – which, by the way, doesn’t have voicemail.

In this highly automated, connected world, it seems people often feel less connected. But the desire for more real connections is alive and well.

This is crystal clear in Kayla Schroader’s story about area moms connecting on social media but also meeting up IRL (in real life). Tacoma mom and moderator of the @thevillage253 Instagram account, Ruthy Taylor, summed up her motivation to connect local moms IRL well.

“Combine the digital age with calendars chock-full of appointments and it seems like relationships take a back seat to our schedules and Instagram likes and comments trump real-life coffee dates and breaking bread with friends,” she said.

There are other stories in this issue that may inspire you to connect, from last-minute summer trip ideas, to a family boat-building class and an important story about adult kids sitting down with their aging parents and creating family plans before life gets more complicated and issues arise.

When it was my turn to share South Sound magazine’s “wow” factor, I didn’t hesitate – ours is every time we tell readers about something they didn’t know about their community. And we do that in each issue.

Perhaps at first blush, that might seem like basic Journalism 101. But in this highly automated, news-filled world, what I find is people simply want more local stories. We’re always happy to give you just that.

Thanks for reading,

Lisa Patterson,
Editor in Chief

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