Eating Clean With Kurt Dammeier

Chef and restaurateur, Kurt Dammeier—otherwise known as the man who brought us Beecher’s Cheese—recently released a new book titled Pure Food as a follow-up to his first book, Pure Flavor.

“The first one was pretty close to a straight ahead cookbook; there’s a certain amount of philosophy in it but it was mostly about recipes,” Dammeier said. “This one is really an evolution and it is really an eating philosophy book with some recipes rather than a cookbook.”

While the book contains mouthwatering recipes like halibut ceviche, pan-roasted chicken breast, braised pork shoulder, and lamb gyros, Dammeier said the book is less of a cookbook and more of a manifesto.

Despite the fact that Dammeier’s book has a lot of verbiage, it is a comfortable read that is more informative and less preachy. The interspersed personal, hand-written notes from Dammeier himself go a long way to making the book feel more like thumbing through the weathered, marked pages of a family cookbook.

Pure Food can be purchased for $34.95 from online book retailers like and Barnes and Nobles as well as many local bookstores and all of Dammeier’s restaurants including his newly-opened Seattle-based Butcher’s Table restaurant.

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