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Use removable wallpaper and contact paper to give furniture and appliances a new look

Being stuck with ugly appliances or furniture can be a pain, especially if you’re renting or don’t have it in the budget to afford a replacement. I’ve been in both situations, but I found a little DIY loophole that gave me the ability to give my old furniture and appliances a new, fresh look: removable wallpaper and/or contact paper.


I’ve used both to give new looks to everything from refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, to benches and file cabinets. The best part: It’s temporary, so if you move or decide you don’t like the look anymore, you can quickly and easily change it.

make-and-model-6With removable wallpaper or contact paper, make sure to thoroughly clean the surface you want to attach it to, so it sticks well.

If you’re covering something like kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to measure the size of the cabinet and cut the contact paper to fit, and you can always clean up the edges carefully with an X-Acto knife. For something larger than the width of the contact paper or wallpaper, like a fridge, it’s easiest to measure and cut the length of the pieces you need and, as you apply the adjacent pieces (if there’s a pattern), make sure the pattern matches up.

make-and-model-7I’ve used chalkboard contact paper, faux wood contact paper, and marble all with great success!

For removable wallpaper:

For contact paper:

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