DuPont is Calling all Golfers

The city of DuPont is working on marketing itself as a premier golfing destination in the Northwest. On April 11, Mayor Mike Courts hosted a call to action with various patron from local hotels, restaurants, regional golf courses, and other tourism based businesses.  The meeting was focused on developing stay and play packages to lure golfers and how to advertise the small but growing suburb as “home of golf in the Pacific Northwest.”

“We have the unique ability of being real close to some world class championship golf courses and letting people know that that’s all available to them all in one day is really important,” said city administrator Ted Danek.

DuPont has its own course called The Home Golf Course. It’s also close to several others including Steilacoom Golf Course and Chambers Bay Golf Course where the 2015 U.S. Open was held. Golfers coming from DuPont can use smaller roads to access the courses, a relief from getting on I-5 which can have long traffic delays.

“There is some value to being able to play these golf courses without getting on the freeway,” said city recreation and events coordinator Amy Walker. “We actually had a player playing in the USGA championship who missed his tee time in DuPont because he was trying to get here from [Tacoma].”

Golfers and their families are the demographic the city would like to host, said Mayor Courts. They’re polite, they aren’t rowdy, and “by and large golfers have some money to spend.”

For a couple of years, the city has been working on a plan to attract more visitors to DuPont. In 2013, the city had a population of about 9,200. DuPont is also known for its hiking and biking trails, historic landmarks, and low crime rate.

We’re also the safest city in Washington state and that matters when you’re leaving $2,000 dollars’ worth of golf equipment in your trunk,” said Walker.

Locals will now break up into two committees, one focused on play and stage packages, the other focused on marketing and advertising the city to a national audience.

“It’s time that people saw how great this region is, and if you’re going to come to the region come stay here,” said Danek.

is the managing editor at South Sound magazine. Email her.
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