Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution!

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, many celebrate the opportunity to start fresh. Each ending year seems to bring disappointment of milestones that didn’t happen, and we’re ready to start anew. Cue the New Year’s resolution. According to Wallet Hub, 67 percent of Americans make a New Year’s resolution — mainly about losing weight, being more fiscally responsible, dialing in on education or career goals, or quitting a bad habit — but only 8 percent succeed.

This is normally the part where we would swoop in and give you some iron-clad advice to beat the odds and achieve your goals, but we’re not going to do that. Here’s why we think you should ditch your New Year’s resolution and just enjoy your life.

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2 is available on Prime streaming. Enough said.

2. You’ll start eating healthier next month, the kids still have leftover Halloween treats and candy canes.

3. Cauliflower-crust pizza will never be the same.

4. A trip to Vegas with your friends is calling your name, and your bank account.

5. You don’t feel like paying gym-membership sign-up fees … again.

6. You think you’ll only let the kids have an hour of screen time each day until you realize that you actually have to entertain them yourself for the other 23 hours.

7. You’ll resolve to save money by not eating out for lunch, until you forget your lunch at home. Every. Single. Day.

8. Half-priced chocolate rains down on us after Valentine’s Day and Easter, both around the corner.

9. The couch-to-5K program seems easy until you actually have to do it. We prefer couch to kitchen.

10. You aren’t defined by your weight, bank account, job, education level, or even those pesky bad habits. But Jim: Stop biting your fingernails, seriously.


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