Diamond Heiress Drops Price of Tenino Real Estate

The price has been slashed on unique estate owned by a famous diamond heiress that has been on the market since 2018

Last year owner Rebecca Oppenheimer of the De Beers diamond fortune was selling her 6,500-square-foot home on 80 acres for $11 million. According to Michael Morrison of Morrison House Sotheby’s International Realty the price has been reduced to $5.9 million.

When it had the $11 million price tag it was the most expensive property for sale in Pierce, Thurston, or Mason counties. Putting a price on such a unique home is a challenge, Morrison said when it was first put on the market.

Oppenheimer named her home Merkaba. Merkaba is a three-dimensional, 8-point star made from two pyramids which is a symbol often associated with positive energy, harmony, and balance. When she was working with one architect she said: “Think Guggenheim museum meets spaceship,” as they worked on the vision.

The home features egg-shaped rooms, circular details, and a staircase that seems to lead into a round reflecting pond below (but really takes you to the driveway).

Oppenheimer says the home was meant to be her forever home, but she decided to sell it and move back to South Africa with her two children following her divorce. It is furnished with some custom pieces.Diamond Heiress’ $11 Million Home for Sale in Tenino

Throughout her life, Oppenheimer has lived in a series of large and stately mansions with formal rooms that rarely were touched. “I felt lost (in those spaces). I wanted a place to nest,” she said.

“Every room has a purpose,” Oppenheimer added. “It is casual and unpretentious, but unusual. The curves and the lack of trim, in a way, is about simplicity.”

The four-bedroom home also features a saltwater pool with doors that surround it to make it indoors or outdoors; kiwi, golden plum, pear, and other fruit trees; Chardonnay grapes; a rose garden; a greenhouse; and there is even a bee-keeper who has lived on the grounds for several years.

There is a chicken coop and a 3,000-square-foot barn with bedrooms for guests. The barn also is where the family lived while the main home was being built. “My children were born in that barn,” Oppenheimer said.
Diamond Heiress’ $11 Million Home for Sale in Tenino

The home is green and self-sustaining with generators powering the house, electricity from gel batteries, geo-thermal water heaters and a solar hot water boiler system. The entire house is digital — and there is even an old-style wood stove. Inspiration for the home and landscape was drawn from the famous “Garden of Cosmic Speculation,” that highlights science and math in Scotland.

And if you think Tenino is too far to get to from Tacoma, Seattle, or Portland, there is a place to land a helicopter on the property – if you have one.

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