Channeling Your Energy

Tacoma healer combines acupuncture and reiki with light and sound to facilitate wellness.

When walking into Meesa Pedrozo’s Tacoma office, it’s like walking into a home away from home. The space is decorated in a style that reflects her work — taking decorations of the east and west and having them come together in the same place.

Pedrozo, owner of harmonics.253, is a practitioner who uses energy medicine and an esoteric approach to acupuncture to help provide positive changes for the client. “Esoteric is more like new age or quantum healing,” she explained.

She will look at pain or disease from an internal view using her Chinese lens — a practice that examines disease or pain within the body to determine if it comes from an emotional disturbance within — as well as looking at factors in the clients’ environment to help treat them. “It’s more of an integrative medicine approach,” she said.  

“Any pain that’s in the body is a form of stagnation, so I identify those points within the body or outside of the [aura] and help move the stagnation,” Pedrozo said. Her work involves looking not only at the person in front of her but also at his or her aura — a form of energy that surrounds the physical body. This aura is made up of emotional, spiritual, and mental energy that a person harbors and can help to reveal where the stagnation is coming from, she said.

So, how does she use a mixture of eastern and western medicines to treat people? By being intuitive. She will ask clients what brings them in and evaluate from there. If you come in for a migraine, she will treat you by using acupuncture to relieve pain at certain pressure points. She might even use spiritual work to help align chakras to bring the body back to health. If it’s clear you’re not drinking enough water, she will explain how that will help relieve the pounding head pain.

Pedrozo uses a combination of reiki (energy healing that helps the natural healing process to restore emotional and physical health), Chinese medicine, and esoteric approaches. The eastern side of her practice embraces the 3,000 years of Chinese medicine that she’s been educated and trained in. The western side is allopathic medicine (if your arm hurts, go see a doctor). Utilizing western medicine helps her to inform the client about what’s going on with his or her body and its functions. As for reiki, this is only the beginning of her spiritual work.

Along with using these three types of treatments, she also deals with light and sound work to help return the client’s body back to its original health. She performs low-level light therapy by using a Class 3 cold laser that, she said, will stimulate the mitochondria within cells to assist the detox process. The light can be more effective than typical acupuncture (which Pedrozo also practices) because it can penetrate 8 centimeters deeper than a needle. This light will help give the cells a needed boost to heal the body.

Her sound work is done by using tuning forks in place of acupuncture needles. There are two sets of tuning forks she uses on different parts of the body, all in the effort to free stagnation. These forks can be placed on the body or swept around the aura. To assist with the sound work, she also will use Tibetan singing bowls that are forged with seven metals, each of which has a specific healing property activated by chemicals. Quartz crystal bowls also are used to help align the seven chakras to their corresponding note or frequency.

Pedrozo said chakras are the seven different points of spiritual power that a body houses. Each chakra represents an organ and specific level of consciousness, affecting our psychological state as well as our connection to the spiritual and physical world. If one chakra is out of line, energy will not flow through the body correctly. She said this could mean that an organ might not be working properly and might lead to health issues. Pedrozo looks to see which chakras are out of line and realigns them so the body can have energy flowing properly, restoring the body back to health.

When you schedule an appointment with Pedrozo, she will do a 30-minute intake and usually spend an hour on treatment, but it depends on why you’re seeing her.

A usual session will have her using reiki to pinpoint where her work needs to go by looking at the chakras. The next step is hands-on healing and the use of acupuncture to help release trigger points. After this, she will decide what treatments are best for the condition and uses her eastern knowledge, western knowledge, light work, or sound work. In some cases, she’ll use a combination.

After educating you and performing a healing treatment within the office, she stresses the importance to also work on healing in everyday life. Self-care outside of the practice is a major part of the healing process, she said. Her treatments work because she is creating an energetic space for you to begin your healing, she said, and providing you with the tools to continue the work yourself.

“I really appreciate people who are willing to hear me and the importance of this work and who are willing to do the work,” Pedrozo said. “Eventually, I want to be able to create spiritual hubs for people to come to rest.”

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