Celebrate MLK Day

John Carlos (right) 1968Olympics Nov 12This photo of track runners Tommie Smith (left) and John Carlos (right) offering the Black Power salute during the medal ceremony of the 1968 Olympics was front page news around the world. With the Star-Spangle Banner playing, gold medalist Smith and bronze medalist Carlos raised their black-gloved fists in the air and were booed as they left the podium. All three track runners, including Australian Peter Norman, wore Olympic Project for Human Rights badges at the ceremony. Since this monumental event, Carlos has become an activist, educator and speaker for human rights. Celebrate Martin Luther King Day on Jan. 22 (technically the day after MLK day) with a keynote lecture from Carlos in the Scheenbeck Auditorium at the University of Puget Sound. Other Puget Sound community leaders will also speak. This event is free.

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