Buy Wine and Support Hospitality Workers

Seattle couple Jackson and Gretchen Rohrbaugh of Crunchy Red Fruit are offering Wine Relief boxes for $79. You will receive three bottles of organic wines from small family vineyards and proceeds will support Seattle area hospitality workers in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

So far, they have raised about $5,000 for the Seattle Hospitality Emergency Fund. There is also a GoFundMe page.

“Some of our customers were so moved by what we were doing that they donated straight to the GoFundMe instead of buying wine (which we are super stoked for),” Jackson Rohrbaugh said. “Some customers have bought three or more boxes to give to friends and family. We also hand delivered over half the first week’s orders. So, we got to leave the boxes on people’s porches, and see their smiling faces as they came out of their houses to see wine waiting on their doorstep. That was payment enough.”

Jackson Rohrbaugh is a Master Sommelier. He spent a decade at Seattle’s Canlis as a bartender, server, and sommelier. Now he’s picking out the best wines from around the world and sending them to Crunchy Red Fruit customers. Despite the fun company name — a term often used by wine writers when describing lively red wines — the company sends wines of all colors and styles to their customers. A single box of six wines is $189. The wine relief package is $79 for three bottles.

is the editor in chief at South Sound magazine.
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