The Broadway Center Is Now Tacoma Arts Live

The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts today announced its new name and identity as Tacoma Arts Live. The company has been a fixture in the South Sound’s performing arts community since 1979, dedicating itself to providing a diverse range of arts and education programs.

The change of name signifies the organization’s pride to be based in Tacoma’s Historic Theater District, made up of the Pantages Theater, the Rialto Theater, Theater on the Square, and the Tacoma Armory. It also points to a revitalized mission of bringing the South Sound community together through live performance.

“We believe that live events serve as the pulse of our city,” David Fischer, Tacoma Arts Lives’ executive director said. “A community’s identity takes shape in the moments when people connect with each other. Our role as a convener in the heart of the city is vital to creating and sustaining these connections.”

The official new name comes just two weeks before the extensively renovated Pantages Theater reopens to the public on Nov. 15. More changes within the organization include a return of professional theater in Tacoma’s Theater District. In 2019, Tacoma Arts Live will launch a locally-produced professional theater season performed in Theater on the Square.

This kind of regular theater season has been absent in downtown Tacoma since Tacoma Actors Guild closed in 2007, and Tacoma Arts Live looks forward to filling the gap and further build community in Tacoma through live theater.

Beyond producing plays, Tacoma Arts Live also provides a wide variety of performances, lectures, exhibitions, and more, as well as a nationally recognized set of educational programs.

To learn more about the organization, purchase tickets, or become a member, visit

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