Bountiful Byway

An Agritourism Adventure

The 60-mile route that spans across Thurston County — showcasing unmatched scenery, a myriad of farms and farmers markets, craft wineries and distilleries, and so much more — is the ultimate agritourism adventure. It’s no wonder it’s been dubbed the Bountiful Byway.

Each year, Experience Olympia & Beyond organizes the Thurston Bountiful Byway as a method to encourage tourism in the rural parts of Thurston County. In an area known for its agricultural contributions, there is no better time to do so than during the fall harvest. This year, we’re looking forward to Halloween-themed events, mocktails, and honey gummies, to name a few.

Wine tasting at Stottle WineryLacey

Located in the heart of the Lacey Producer’s District, Stottle Winery is said to be the largest winery in the South Sound. Although it sources its grapes from Eastern Washington, all of the vintrification takes place on site. Tours and tastings of highly rated varietals are available five days a week, Wednesdays through Sundays. We recommend trying the Big Eddie, a Bordeaux-style blend named after owner Josh Stottlemyer’s father-in-law. It’s big, bold, and expressive, much like its namesake.

Get lost in the field at Rutledge Corn MazeOlympia

This is a favorite every season, but this year there is an additional reason to spend the day wandering between rows of corn. In addition to this year’s philanthropic maze, which was designed in partnership with the American Cancer Association, Rutledge will have a pumpkin patch, a calf roping station, a corn cannon, and — once the sun sets — a haunted corn maze and zombie paintball.

Try the honey gummies at Hive 5 BeesRochester

There is nothing we love more than local honey. Or at least there wasn’t until we tried gummy bears made from that liquid sunshine. Hive 5 Bees is an apiary in Rochester, but we suggest picking up their products at the nearby Mill’s Diner. Owners Kevin and Amanda Mills make pure and raw honey of different flavors, as well as glorious little packets of honey gummies to snack on.

Have a terrifying time at the BOO-CODA Spook-tacular — Bucoda

Bucoda self identifies as “The world’s tiniest town with the most Halloween spirit.” The 562 residents band together — clad in masks and cloaks, no doubt — in order to transform the town into a Halloween destination every October. With events like the Pine Box Derby Casket Races, Hearse Procession and Viewing, and the Bucoda Thriller Dance, this season is sure to alarm and unnerve.

Make a mocktail with Wild Heart Sipping VinegarsTenino

Our social media feeds are constantly filled with the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, but despite all of the health and happiness it promises, it can taste like a mixture of mud and acid. Somehow, the makers at Sandstone Distillery have mastered the craft of disrupting and balancing flavors to create delicious sipping vinegars out of what we thought we’d never be able to enjoy. Add some spritzer to the blueberry thyme, pear cardamom rosemary, or black cherry pomegranate flavor for a refreshing and antioxidant-rich mocktail.

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