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New Windows Increase Home Value

People spend hours trying to figure out the perfect paint colors and fuss over their landscaping and more to try to capture optimal curb appeal — but they often bypass an important feature — glass windows and doors.

WindowGlass windows and doors have come a long way — especially in the past 20 years, according to Erik Ashcraft, windows product manager at Milgard Windows & Doors. “The technology to build windows has changed a lot. They are much more energy-efficient, and are the key building envelope.”

Milgard Windows & Doors are our Partner of Choice for our 2018 Northwest Idea House being built in Lakewood. Their products will be featured throughout the modern farmhouse-style home that will be open for tours later this summer.

The dark-framed windows in “black bean” on the Idea House really pop against the white exterior. The window shapes are also interesting — some are round. Large glass doors in the Idea House will create a seamless transition from the dining area to the patio outside, which will make entertaining a breeze, quite literally.

Trends in new construction and the red-hot remodel markets include those large glass doors, according to Brent Wright, doors product manager. Windows with classic white frames, or that are paintable are also in high-demand.

Other advances in glass include better energy efficiency with Low-E glass coatings — up to four are available now — that keep temperature regulated in cold and heat, and also help keep harmful rays from fading furniture, carpeting, and flooring.

In addition to making a home more comfortable, new windows can change the look of your home, both inside and out. Hello, curb appeal!

WindowSigns your windows/doors need replacing:

  • When you sit near a glass door or window and can feel a cold breeze in winter, or it seems especially hot in summer.
  • The window is tough to operate.
  • There are cracks and gaps around the window and door edges.
  • It looks outdated, and you want fresh design.

TIP: If you need to replace your glass doors or windows — or just want to — the Milgard professionals suggest you do your research, get recommendations by word of mouth, and make sure you are receiving a solid warranty in case anything goes wrong. Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty on most if its products, many include for accidental glass breakage coverage.

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