Authentic Indian Dining in Kent

At Punjab Sweets, tucked into an ordinary strip mall in Kent, you’ll find some rather extraordinary treats, created with generations-old recipes brought from India. Iqbal Dha, who owns the eatery with her family, proudly displays sheets of tiny confections, like little jewels, behind the glass case at the back of the shop.

Treats like burfi (milk fudge pastry) and kalakand (cream-based pastry with a subtle buttery taste) are cut into precise squares or shaped into perfect balls by hand every day.

Dha keeps a notebook by the cash register where patrons make entries, lavishing praise on her cooking. If you’re in the mood for something exotic for dessert (or a meal — they offer an extensive menu of Northern Indian-influenced entrees and appetizers, too), this is a good place to try.

Vegetarians find safe haven here — no animal products are used to make the food or desserts. Dine in, or order takeout online for an authentic Indian meal on the go.

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