Annie Wright Freshman Wins National Competition

Aurora Hake

A freshman at Annie Wright is one of ten high school girls to win a national competition sponsored in part by Marvel Entertainment. Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Experience asked girls to interview a prominent woman in the fields known as STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The contest is inspired by the astrophysicist character Jane Foster in Disney’s upcoming movie Thor: The Dark World.

Aurora Hake, a resident of Lakewood and the youngest of the ten winners, will spend a week in southern California, where her contest entry, a short documentary, will be shown in a special screening in conjunction with the premier of Thor: The Dark World.

For her entry, Hake interviewed Dr. Anna Goussiou, a particle physics professor at the University of Washington. While she is in southern California, Hake will have the chance to talk to many more influential women in the STEM professions.

To find out what inspires Hake, you can watch her in the video of all the winning girls here:

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