Anisha Vinjamuri

Founder of UMM Skincare

Launching the UMM Skincare line for people and pets marks the third career shift for Northwest resident Anisha Vinjamuri. Prior to diving into the beauty industry, Vinjamuri, 38, ran a management consulting firm for almost a decade, and prior to that, she was an engineer at Microsoft. After taking a step back from work, she revaluated her career and focused her attention on another passion: purposeful skincare. In October of this year, she launched UMM Skincare, and each product — including soaps, scrubs, lotions, and anti-aging serums — is made with natural ingredients and inspired by holistic Ayurvedic medicine. We caught up with Vinjamuri to learn more about UMM Skincare and a few of her favorite things.


Favorite Places

To Relax The Columbia Tower ClubPurple Café & Wine Bar, and Six Seven Restaurant at The Edgewater Hotel.

Nature PNW Trails

Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

To Be Inspired Nature. PNW trails rain or shine.

For Dinner Canlis, for the experience and unique food pairings with wine. The sushi in Umi Sake House is phenomenal. It’s a hard pick.


Inspiration Board

What outfit makes you feel powerful? Anything comfortable. My wardrobe is pretty simple. Most days I am in athleisure wear. I feel powerful when I can be myself and focus on my daily grind.

Braving the Wilderness

Courtesy Amazon

Books You’d Gift to a Friend The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann or Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

Podcast or Playlist The Tim Ferriss Show and the TED Talks Daily podcast

Guilty Pleasures Wine! Also, the apricot-blueberry cake from Whole Foods. I can eat the whole thing.

Self-Care Routines Exploring off-road trails and paths in the beautiful PNW (I schedule to do this once a week), lifting weights, meditation, indulging in UMM skincare rituals, and power naps.

Travel Destination Hawaii. I visit at least twice a year to recharge. I am drawn to the simplicity of life there, the realness of people, and the rich flora and fauna.

Tom and Jerry


Last binge-worthy show you watched Tom and Jerry (never gets old)



What made you want to launch a skincare line?
I took some personal time off after an epic burnout in the technology industry. High drive comes with steep downsides. I was holding myself to a very unrealistic external standard of perfection, which caused a lot of imbalance between who I really am and a role that I was playing to seek validation. This, along with close family members being diagnosed with cancer, really shook me. So, my focus shifted to two things: rediscovering myself and finding ways to reduce the grip cancer has on people and pets.

What influenced you to include animal-friendly soaps?
My handsome boy, Mr. Neo, a 2-year-old working line German shepherd. He is my best friend. I did not find many options that are natural, have the same PH as that of dogs’ skin, or that are gentle enough to be used on pups.

What’s one must-have item from your line?
The power bundle, which is a powerful combination for dull, dry, rough skin, skin with uneven texture, and sensitive skin.

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