Features of Creatures in Flowers and Foliage

The new children’s book Plants in Disguise — written by local author and illustrator team, Lise Hedegaard and Debi Schmid — begins by asking the reader a series of questions about outdoor exploration.

“When you wander a woodland forest, skip through a sunlit meadow, or ramble down a dusty path, you might see a furry tail, a bristly beard, or a fuzzy toe. Did you catch a glimpse of an animal? Or was it a plant in disguise?”

The book goes on to explain that many plants found growing wild are not wearing a disguise, they just happen to resemble particular animals in certain ways.

The book is aimed at children from ages 6 to 10 who enjoy the occasional foray into nature and whose curiosity is often piqued by the plant life they encounter. There’s hordeum jubatum, or squirrel tail which resembles, you guessed it, the wispy, fluffy tail of a bushy-tailed rodent. Or the aruncus dioicus, or goat’s beard, which has creamy-white flower clusters which mimic the fine hair found on a goat’s chin.

This artfully-illustrated and whimsical book is available on Amazon.com for $15.

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