A Kid’s Review: Tacoma Film Festival’s “Family Shorts” Were All Good

The last two years, they gave me a scorecard to say what I thought about the movies but this year they didn’t. So I thought I would write this review of the “Family Shorts” children’s films at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma. I went there Saturday, Oct. 5. It was part of the Tacoma Film Festival.

I have gone every year since I was 3. Now I am 7. I recorded my thoughts on each film on my phone during the films and here they are.

Mogu & Perol: This Japanese short was about two critters. One of them cooks and the other one eats like a pig. One day the one that cooks tricked the one that eats like a pig to eat something not so yummy. It was funny, scary in one bit, and cute. I loved it.

Hors Piste: This was a cartoon from France. A rescue team was rescuing a skier trapped in snow and they made a lot of mistakes – one being when they left him outside for the night. But he actually turned out to be pretty lucky. It was hilarious and a lot of detail went into the drawings.

Jesszilla: This was a short documentary from the United States. It was about a 9-year-old girl boxer trying to reach her dreams and some boys didn’t want to box with her because she was a girl. I liked that because she made a lot of effort and kept on going with her goals. No matter what people said she would keep on doing what she loved.


A scene from Catmos.


Catmos: This was from Russia. It was mostly cute and funny: I loved it. They put a lot of effort into the drawing. It was adorable … it was also kind of random.

Saturday’s Apartment: This was made in South Korea. It was about an apartment building but the people in it didn’t get along. They were all annoyed by each other and they also didn’t know each other. Then something very bad happened then they had to come together. … I thought it was kinda funny in the middle and at the beginning they were all frustrated with each other. I feel like the skit is all about that you can be friends even though you don’t think you’re going to be friends.

Slow Dance: This is from Sweden. It was about a kid that was nervous to ask someone to dance. It was edgy, at first. I think the meaning of this one is like don’t be nervous if you really want to do something. Don’t listen to other people and what they say.

Running Lights: This is from Finland, India, and Lithuania. This is about a creature that dies and is buried. But then something magical happens. It was funny, cute, and sad. I loved the face of the little guy.

A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl: This is from Australia. It is an inside view of being a 12-year-old girl. I learned a lot about 12-year-old girls. They are complicated. #insideviewofa12yearoldgirl.

— By Grayson Burlingame

Editor’s note: The Tacoma Film Festival run through Oct. 10 – and also includes many fantastic films for grownups, too. For more information, visit tacomafilmfestival.com.

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