A Healthy Start

At the start of each year, millions of Americans vow to improve their health. But New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. Only 8 percent of people who make a resolution stick to their guns and achieve their goals. And while those numbers may look dismal, take it as motivation. The only thing worse than giving up is never trying. It’s time to burn off that pumpkin pie, sweat away those extra glasses of wine, and fight off the cookie cravings. With the whole year ahead, it’s also a good time to practice being more mindful and calm. In the following pages, we provide tips and tricks — from workout classes to relaxing tech gadgets — to keep you moving toward your health goals.


Break away from the workout norm

Diversify your fitness plan with these classes.

For the Riders

The Handlebar Cycling Studio – Ride over mountains and down valleys, all inside this Tacoma family-owned indoor cycling studio. Inspiring instructors and energetic tunes will set the tone for this cardio and strength-building workout. But the best part is, you’re always in control. You set the tension in the flywheel and the cadence of the cycle. This workout is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.

For the Audacious


Mixxed Fit. Photo by Rachel Coward

Pilates at Play – For more than 20 years, Pilates At Play in Olympia has been leading patrons through the dynamic practice of Pilates. But it isn’t just any Pilates studio. Instructors are all about having fun. That’s why they also offer pole and chair dancing classes. We know; it’s a little unconventional, but don’t knock it until you try it. It’s a strength- and flexibility-building workout.

For the Dancers

MixxedFit – You never need an excuse to bust a move, but MixxedFit certainly is one. This alternative workout combines dancing with boot camp toning. The routines are high-energy, fun, and sweat-inducing. Don’t be bashful. Go with a friend, and get your groove on. Locations vary.

For the Water Enthusiasts

Aqua Boot Camp at YMCA – The newly remodeled Tacoma Center YMCA has a wide variety of water exercises, but if you’re looking for a physical push, try Aqua Boot Camp. It’s a full-body workout that’s high-intensity and low-impact. Utilizing the pool and deck, it’s a cardio/strength-building class. The gym also offers aqua yoga, aqua Zumba, and deep-water aerobics.

For the Ladies

Figures – At Figures in Fircrest, it’s always girl power hour. This women-only fitness center has over 70 weekly classes and is open 24 hours a day for members. Join other ladies working on fitness goals in a large range of classes like Barre, TRX, Zumba, spin, PiYo, yoga, and more. Figures’ team of strong female trainers is fit to inspire.

For the Runners

Tacoma Runners – Since January 2010, Tacoma Runners has welcomed thousands of joggers who like to pound the pavement around Tacoma in good company. The group has a 3-mile Thursday beer run from a different bar or restaurant each week. On Saturday mornings, they host a free timed 5K along Point Defiance Park’s Five Mile Drive. Follow them on Twitter for upcoming runs @TacomaRunners.

Heard of ClassPass?

Buy a ClassPass membership ($50) and gain access to a variety of gyms, workouts, and fitness classes locally. ClassPass is a hit across the country but still picking up steam in the South Sound. classpass.com

National Fitness Guidelines

Physical activity can help improve your health and lower your risk of chronic illnesses. According to the CDC, adults need two hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and two or more days of muscle-strengthening activities every week. Hop to it!


Renew you


Courtesy Thinkstock

The beauty and plastic surgery industry is constantly coming up with new and more effective treatments. Look your best with these new developments.

UltraShape Fat Reduction


Image courtesy Colorescience

There’s a new alternative to liposuction. MultiCare MedSpas in Gig Harbor and Puyallup now offer UltraShape, a noninvasive abdominal fat-reduction treatment. A selective pulsed ultrasound destroys fat cells without an incision. MultiCare MedSpas also offer laser treatments, fillers, facials, and plastic surgery.

Colorescience Cosmetics

Makeup and skincare go together in Colorescience PRO high-performance cosmetics. This dermatologist-recommended blend includes skin treatment ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. The products target specific skin concerns and protection from the sun. At Cascade Cosmetic centers in University Place, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, and Sunrise, specialists can help tailor Colorescience products to your needs.

Piasecki MD Products

Dr. Justin Piasecki, who is based in Gig Harbor, carries a line of skincare products to keep your face glowing. The Piasecki MD skincare kit includes a cleanser, morning moisturizer, and night moisturizer. Recently, Piasecki developed a microalgae facial mask.

Kybella for Chins

Foley Plastic Surgery Center in Olympia offers Kybella, a recently approved injectable to improve the look of double chins. The injection destroys fat cells so that the lower chin appears tighter. Foley Plastic Surgery also offers other fillers, peels, skincare, and plastic surgery.


Make New Year’s resolutions stick

How do you stay motivated? We consulted MultiCare psychologists for advice.experts_3

1. Break a bigger goal into small steps.
Reward yourself for each step. If something merits a resolution, it merits baby steps to get there! — Dorsch

2. Develop a plan.
If you want to lose weight, for example, a plan may include eating smaller portions at mealtime, not eating seconds, and choosing healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables. — Lloyd

3. Don’t abandon a goal just because you had a minor setback (for example, eating the second piece of cake at a party).
Be forgiving of yourself, and recommit to the goal and the plan you developed to attain it. — Lloyd

4. Self-monitoring is an important aspect of behavioral change.
This can be as simple as tracking your behavior in a spreadsheet or using an app to track in real time. Tracking can help you:

  • Appreciate your success:
    “Even though it’s hard, I hit my goal five days this week.”
  • Understand your
    behavioral pattern:

    “I tend to eat sweets when I watch HBO on Sundays.”
  • Re-evaluate your goals:
    “Maybe it’s not realistic to try to go to the gym five days a week.” — Hsu

5. If you’re already feeling stretched thin, make a resolution to do something positive, enjoyable, and fun rather than creating more stress.
If you’re feeling bold, forgo a New Year’s resolution altogether and focus on creating joy for yourself by doing something you have always wanted to do. — Dorsch

6. Make the most of the first 90 days. 
Behavioral change is most challenging during the first few months. After that, chances for regressing decrease significantly. It’s important to plan, track progress, re-evaluate goals, set new goals, and find support in those first 90 days. — Hsu

stylish wearables


Vinaya Cleopatra

There has been a rush of wearable technology designed to look less high-tech and more high-fashion. Here’s the scoop on some of the latest smart clothing and accessories.

The Vinaya Cleopatra features a “smart stone” that connects to your iPhone (sorry, Android users) via Bluetooth. The stone vibrates with each notification, using different patterns for different alerts. $430

Hear Active Listening

Hear Active Listening

Link these sleek earbuds to the accompanying Here Active Listening app, and amplify the sounds around you. Users can enhance their audio environment through volume control, bass boost, and reverb — or use it to silence loud noises.


Pebble Time Round

The Pebble Time Round is the lightest and thinnest smartwatch on the market and can manage notifications, track fitness and sleep, and run apps. With changable bands and downloadable face designs, you can switch your look in seconds. $200

Ringly’s cocktail rings keep notifications at your fingertips with vibrations and colored lights that alert you to push notifications. $195

Athos Full Body’s sensor-loaded workout attire and connected app keep track of muscle exertion, heart rate, and muscle utilization. $547

chill out


Stop, Breathe & Think

Technology can add to our stress level. Here are a few apps and gadgets that, instead of bombarding you with push notifications, help with relaxation and mindfulness.

Spire tracks movement and breathing to measure stress. Spire clips easily onto a belt or shirt, and the app reminds you when to take a deep breath. $150



There’s a whole host of meditation apps out there, but Stop, Breathe & Think incorporates not just guided meditations, but meditation tricks and a mood tracker. Free; iPhone, Android, and web.

Sense is a sleep tracker that shows how your bedroom environment affects your sleep so you wake up refreshed. $129

Thync is a wearable module for the forehead that claims to give vibes that can calm you down after a long day, or invigorate you in the morning. $199

The free app Sleep Cycle tracks sleep movements and wakes you up during light sleep, which feels like waking up naturally rather than being jolted awake by an alarm.Free; iPhone and Android.

Product photos courtesy their respective manufacturers.
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