A Green Gift

Bag design by Julie Kappelman


By Justine McDaniel

The Urban Forest Project Tacoma may have ended, but its mission to promote the planting of trees in the city lives on. The tree-themed banners made by local artists to promote the project have been “upcycled” into messenger bags. These useable works of art continue to raise awareness about the need for urban greenery, with all proceeds going toward Tacoma’s urban forestry program. Bags are for sale at the Center for Urban Waters, 326 E. D St., Tacoma and at Alchemy Goods, 1723 First Ave. S., Seattle. Messenger bags, $75; small totes, $20. T-shirts, posters and more info about the Urban Forest Project Tacoma information are available online. 

Bag design by Terese Cuff

Bag design by Chris Boswell

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