A Diamond in the Rough

Glow Martini Lounge brings big-city ambience and flavors to a Bonney Lake strip mall.

When the bartender starts concocting extravagant cocktails and plate upon plate of upscale bar fare is making its way to manicured tables, you will completely forget that you’re at a strip mall in Bonney Lake.

That’s right: This fashionable, urban setting — which looks like something you might find in downtown Seattle or Bellevue — is tucked modestly into a storefront off of Highway 410 in Bonney Lake, just across from The Dollar Tree.

Glow Martini Lounge, which is coming upon its one-year anniversary in February, has become locally known as the “diamond in the rough.” 

Glow is the only restaurant in the area with a menu containing a $100 martini, shimmering or smoked cocktails, and elevated bites.

“We wanted to bring a piece of the big city to Bonney Lake,” said Kendra Harrington, co-owner of Glow.

Harrington owns the restaurant with her sister, Randi Baker, and their husbands, Justin and Jameson. Harrington and Baker grew up in Enumclaw and owned several coffee stands together before going into the restaurant business. They brought on their husbands for this larger project, who were good friends before becoming brothers-in-law.

The four are incredibly close. They finish each other’s sentences and are completely on the same wavelength. In fact, on the day we interviewed them, Harrington and Baker showed up to work wearing matching gold necklaces that said, “Glow.” They assured us they didn’t plan that.

Getting to know the couples is getting to know the restaurant. Every fixture, every nook and cranny, has sentimental significance. The MMA belt on the top shelf of the bar is a nod to Justin’s professional fighting days. The table in the far corner is one from Harrington and Baker’s childhood, which they used to climb on top of and dance. The chandeliers were hand strung by the owners, taking hours and hours to complete. 

Overall, the effect is elegant, yet comfortable — modern, as well as familiar.

“We describe our style as modern industrial with a splash of glam,” Harrington said. She leaned in close and, with a smile, added, “I’m the glam.”

Together, the quartet has built an environment that their community was lacking, and the response has been overwhelmingly welcoming. “A lot of people come in and just say, ‘Thank you,’” Baker said. 

It’s become a hit as a date spot, and hosts community events like Girls Night Out markets and live music series. We recommend coming in with a group of friends and enjoying it the way all four of the owners would: together.

If you go, remember: Leave the kiddos with a sitter, because Glow is a 21-and-up establishment.

The Glowtini looks incredibly unique. Its bright, coral color is enhanced by a ripple of shimmer that glistens in every sip. The taste is light and fruity, containing coconut rum, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, along with the secret addition that gives the Glowtini its shine. 


Royal Treatment

Gin fans, Glow has something special in store for you: the signature Royal Treatment cocktail. This purple cocktail is made with Empress 1908 Gin, a special brand made in Victoria, B.C., which has absolutely unbeatable aromatics. The spirit is mixed with white cranberry peach juice and sparkling wine, topped with blueberry and mint.

Stuffed Mushroom

A house favorite is the famous stuffed mushrooms. Even those who don’t like mushrooms love this shareable plate, claimed Kendra. We can see why: Large cremini mushrooms overflowing with an Italian sausage cream cheese blend, maple dijon vinaigrette, and arugula.

BBQ Brisket (top)
California Chicken (bottom)

We highly suggest trying one of the restaurant’s famous flatbreads. Baked to perfection, the bread has just the right amount of thickness and flavor to complement the diverse toppings. We tried the California Chicken and BBQ Brisket flatbreads and, honestly, we can’t pick a favorite. Both had delicious house-prepared sauces, fresh vegetables, and quality meats. Your best bet is ordering at least a couple for the table.

Ciao Bella

Randi’s current favorite cocktail is the Ciao Bella. A mixture of Bacardi rum, lime juice, lemon juice, vanilla rhubarb simple syrup, soda, and rosemary makes for easy drinking. You won’t be able to order just one.

Smoked Old Fashioned

We are all about the Smoked Old Fashioned. This classic cocktail contains bourbon and aromatic bitters, garnished with an orange peel and a house-made, bourbon-soaked cherry. But if you order it smoked for an additional $2, the drink will be encased in a dome (“Beauty and the Beast style,” as Randi describes it) with clouds of apple branch smoke enveloping the cocktail. The smoldering flavor is one you won’t soon forget.

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