3 to See: Ride for Pride, Transformational Dance, and a Flower Symposium

Ride for Pride

We love an organization that puts its money where its mouth is. Case in point: Trek Bicycle, which recently announced it would be donating $75,000 to local organizations that support the queer community. Spin alongside Trek Bicycle Olympia June 27 in Pride Ride, a 1.5-hour tour to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ friends and family. Pride Month 2021 may be winding down, but not without one last ride. 

Dance It Out

Ecstatic Dance Tacoma introduces itself with a disclaimer: “WARNING: May cause rapid transformational breakthroughs.” Well, here’s hoping! Join the Dance Temple this Sunday to explore breathwork and meditation through movement. Prior dance experience isn’t needed, but an open and enthusiastic mindset is always recommended. 

Calling All Rhody-Heads

This weekend, the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden presents its annual Rhododendron Species Symposium. “One of this year’s highlights is a peak spring garden tour facilitated by our executive director & curator Steve Hootman,” says Britt Board, program & outreach manager. “The tour includes stories underpinning the discovery and conservation of rare plants. Whether you’re a rhody aficionado or just a plant fan, it will be a compelling experience.”

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